Delivery time

As every order is custom made, lead time may vary. For suits we estimate a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks and masks are between 12 to 16 weeks.

Unless otherwise stated, in written, there is always the longest lead time taken to consider.

There is as well a individual shipping time, depending of your country.

On shipments for Amerika, Asia and Australia an expected lead time for those is 14 days. European Non-EU countrys is 4-8 days, for EU itself check table below.


Country additional days
Austria 3 days
Belgium 4 days
Bulgaria 6 days
Croatia 5 days
Cyprus 6 days
Czech Republic 3 days
Denmark 4 days
Estonia 5 days
Finland 5 days
France 3 days
Germany 1 day
Greece 6 days
Hungary 4 days
Ireland 5 days
Italy 5 days
Latvia 6 days
Lithuania 6 days
Luxembourg 3 days
Malta 6 days
Netherlands 3 days
Poland 3 days
Portugal 6 days
Romania 5 days
Slovakia 3 days
Slovenia 5 days
Spain 6 days
Sweden 5 days
United Kingdom 5 days