As every order is custom made, lead time may vary. For suits we estimate a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks and masks are between 12 to 16 weeks.

Unless otherwise stated, in written, there is always the longest lead time taken to consider.

There is as well a individual shipping time, depending of your country.

On shipments for Amerika, Asia and Australia an expected lead time for those is 14 days. European Non-EU countrys is 4-8 days, for EU itself check table below.


Countryadditional days
Austria3 days
Belgium4 days
Bulgaria6 days
Croatia5 days
Cyprus6 days
Czech Republic3 days
Denmark4 days
Estonia5 days
Finland5 days
France3 days
Germany1 day
Greece6 days
Hungary4 days
Ireland5 days
Italy5 days
Latvia6 days
Lithuania6 days
Luxembourg3 days
Malta6 days
Netherlands3 days
Poland3 days
Portugal6 days
Romania5 days
Slovakia3 days
Slovenia5 days
Spain6 days
Sweden5 days
United Kingdom5 days