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Toilet-Maske TM4
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Toilet-Maske TM4
Toilet-Maske TM4
Toilet-Maske TM4
Toilet-Maske TM4
Toilet-Maske TM4

Toilet-Maske TM4

Shipping time: 12-14 Weeks
Product no.: TM04
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Eyeopenings and glases
Knobs for eyeflaps
Noselining (inside)
Corrugated Tube
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anatomical mask with nose-opening, extendend chin, glasses, fixed ring gag and a detachable, transparent funnel. Moulded with pure, natural, untreated latex. Hose adapters SA1(funnel) and SA2(mask) match to all our masks (standard 40mm round thread connector) and to all of our accessoires as well as on a lot of gas masks and their accessoires. The elbow piece can be removed and/or a hose can be mounted, to keep the way of use flexible.

To prevent pinching of the hair is the zipper / lacing provided with a hair protection.



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